Why should window fabricator join Deceuninck family?

(Why should Window Fabricator join Deceuninck family, a company with 80+ years legacy in uPVC compound, profiles, Window/Door Systems, recycling and other building material products)

 window fabricator join Deceuninck
Deceuninck is one of the top 2 uPVC window and door designers and manufacturers in the world. Deceuninck was founded in 1937 in Belgium, and has been operating for 80 years to date. Our team of experts has constantly developed innovative products delivered to more than 4,000 customers. Deceuninck operates in 91 countries with 35 affiliates and more than 3,500 employees throughout the world. We have 14 production sites in 91 countries with 35 affiliates and over 3,500 employees worldwide. One of the location is Deceuninck Thailand, a regional logistic center for Thailand and Asia region. Deceuninck is currently looking for fabricators, especially in the unrepresent areas of the Southeast Asia region, to become part of Deceuninck family.

The fabricators of Deceuninck will be provided with complete product training, flexibity of procuring from Thailand Warehouse or direct from our Extrusion Facility in Turkey, choice of Deceuninck hardwares, steel reinforcement and accessories. In addition we offer an estimation and design software at subsidized cost to improve accuracy in quotations, material off-take and fabrication. Entrepreneurs interested in entering this lucrative window business are also welcome. Technical assistance in selecting right machinery set up will be provided free of charge.
Why should window fabricator join Deceuninck family?


  • High quality uPVC material produced according to EN 12608 standard, the European standard that is worldwide ccepted, from profile thickness, strength and durability, to UV resistance as well as tests in all weather conditions.
  • We offer a variety of window and door systems such as casement, sliding, folding and many other variations of windows and doors as the best choice for consumers in terms of price and strength. In addition, our products are available from small to extra-large size.
  • Doors and windows produced with Deceuninck profiles can offer very high thermal insulation, wind resistance, air & water tightness, noise reduction and excellent aesthetics.  
  • In addition to white, we also have a laminated profile production line using high quality color film layer that is resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, we also provide 10-year warranty for our profile products. For designers who want a wide variety of options, at present, there are 6 standard colors available produced in Thailand: Golden Oak, Nutt Tree, Ash Black, Anthracite Grey, Silver and Gray Aluminum.
  • Another pride of Deceuninck is that we are certified as an environmentally friendly product with 100% heavy metal-free manufacturing process by EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in accordance with ISO:14025 environmental standard from IBU EPD. (Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV) from Germany.


  • Deceuninck Thailand also has large warehouses controlling and distributing products for fast delivery to manufacturers and fabricators within the country and to the neighboring regions (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, South Korea. and Laos, etc.), allowing fabricators to reduce costs and time and ensure effective control over the warehouse management system.
  • In addition to the warehouses, Deceuninck Thailand can also produce laminated color profiles within Thailand. Therefore, our fabricators do not need to stock up on color profiles in excess amount, and this also provide faster production and delivery.


  • Deceuninck provides all technical training from of the production process, assembly and installation, including guidelines for solving problems encountered during installation on site.
  • In addition to in-house training, we also organize training activities from outside the organization that are useful in promoting and keep knowledge up-to-date for our fabricators.
  • We also have support software for effective and accurate calculation of windows and doors prices from material cost to production cost and coordinate training courses and consultation on use of software by a team of experts throughout the period you joint Deceuninck family as a fabricator.


  • We have excellent marketing promotion program in which our fabricators can use the marketing information provided by Deceuninck to promote their marketing efforts.
  • Deceuninck has created a wide variety of content both in terms of knowledge on product and building to reach a wider range of customers.
  • We provide showroom/exhibition support to make it easier and more accessible to homeowners.
  • Other marketing activities via Digital platform such as Website, FB, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc.
  • Come join us and become a leading uPVC Window producer in your region. Choose Deceuninck – world leader in uPVC profiles for Doors and Windows.
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