Which Sliding door material is most suitable for you?

Sliding door material

Which Sliding door material is most suitable for you?

Sliding door is one of the most common types of door being used. With its ebay and functional usage, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor building. Not to mention many of its benefits such as use as an entrance and dividing spaces inside the building. For example, using Sliding door with a walk-in closet is very suitable with rooms that have limited space.

But before deciding which Sliding door is suitable for your ideal design, we must first get familiar with each type of door in order to compare its pros and cons to get the most suitable material for your place.

Types of Sliding door materials

Popular Sliding door/window

Popular Sliding door/window

Sliding door

  • Sliding door 1 sliding rail: can move both doors, but can move 1 door at a time, left and right, can open 1 door at a time
  • Sliding door 3 sliding rails (bottom rail): Can open 2 out of 3 parts, commonly used to divide the area inside the house
  • Sliding door Sliding top rails: often used to divide the space in the house. The advantage is that there is no bottom rail to clutter. easy to clean but will block the air. Soundproofing is not as good as the lower rails.
  • Sliding door Sliding door with center opening: suitable for a wide area. There will be two closed doors and can be moved left and right in the middle pair of doors.

Sliding Window

  • Sliding window: It is a sliding window with 2 panes, that is, there are 2 panes but 1 can be moved.
  • Sliding window: It is a 2 or 4 pane, all sliding. The double doors on the same side can slide together.
  • Sliding window, sliding side of the middle light: It is a 3 sliding window that can move 2 only the windows along the edge. by sliding to the middle panel 
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