What’s Good About UPVC – Alternative Material for Windows Gaining Attention in the Market

What’s Good About UPVC

Many of you are probably familiar with the building material called PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) as it is widely used in various industries, such as water bottles, boxes for dry food, or cling films. It can be said that most plastic products around us are made from PVC plastic because this kind of material is low-priced and light-weighted but not as strong nor durable.

However, since not all things contribute advantages since PVC contains plastic substances, every time the combustion process is made for recycling, PVC releases toxic substances created by the combustion of plastics with long-term negative impacts on both humans and the environment. 

Therefore, in order to improve and eliminate the disadvantages of PVC, uPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) that has removed Plasticisers was developed, resulting in product which is much more rigid but with environmental care. 

When we look at it at a glance, the properties of uPVC may be similar to those of PVC that we can hardly distinguish. Why should we choose a product made from uPVC materials for home appliances or buildings?


When comparing their prices, uPVC material and other materials such as wood, and aluminum material are not quite different and, at an affordable level, not an exorbitant high-priced product.

The price level also makes uPVC products stand out against other materials because, in addition to the more affordable price level, the weather resistance and high-temperature properties mentioned above also give uPVC material advantages over wood as when the wood is exposed to rain or changing weather throughout the year, it can deteriorate rapidly. Therefore, choosing home appliances made from uPVC materials tends to remain in working condition for longer than conventional material products.

Plastic-Free, Environmental-Friendly

In addition to the issue of durability, another feature of uPVC is unplasticized or free from BPA and phthalate, some of which adversely affect human health and the environment. Prolonged exposure to these substances may cause hormonal disorders in the body, especially as it may result in those children becoming infertile in the future. Therefore, in addition to the fact that products made from uPVC materials do not contain plasticisers like BPA and phthalates, that make it more environmentally friendly and more health-friendly for people in buildings where uPVC appliances are present.

Houses or buildings are places that we need to be inside as the main parts of our lives. Choosing products and appliances inside that are of good quality and free from harmful materials will improve our quality of lives in the long run.


uPVC has the advantage of being plastic-free, making it stronger because plastic has properties contributing to flexibility and malleability. In addition, some plastic substances have long-term health effects. Our choice of products that are of good quality and not harmful to health will make our lives better and trouble-free.

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