UPVC Window / Door allows you to work from home worry less!

UPVC Window / Door allows you to work from home worry less! 

With the outbreaks of Covid-19 situation in Thailand, 2021 onwards, many companies are back setting up with the work from home plans. The outbreak led to use of home, condo, or shelter for a working space. It is certain that a nice, appropriate working space landed great work results. The major disturbing factor for work from home is unwanted noise. Noise means a level of sound that the listener preferably does not want to hear as it affects feeling and emotion even though the decibel is below the dangerous standards. Those unwanted noises will bother listeners differently person to person.

Did you know? A quick fix by using an earphone to avoid the unwanted noise for a long period of time can do harm to your body. As the sound pressure arises while using earphones, it damages the auditory nerve and inner hair cell, which affects the auditory system. The hearing ability decreases from time to time, resulting in loss of hearing to deaf. Normally, human ears can take up to 85 decibel. 

Even though the source of the noise cannot be controlled, choosing the right material can be another way of caring for your hearing. To ease out the unwanted noise passed through, windows and doors that are made with upvc material can help prevent the unwanted noise as it is one source of sound insulation material.

What is UPVC 

Upvc (UN-Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the green innovations from polymerization of vinyl chloride. The process undergoes combining ethylene and sodium chloride, which equal to pvc without adding plasticizer but adding it with impact modifier which strengthens the material fibers and helps extend the product service life. With its higher quality in strength, endurance, unbendable, not crisp and dry, resistant to rust even in a high humidity, UV, and sunlight, the product looks as good as new always.

Perks of using UPVC Window?

Upvc is one of the most trusted materials for today’s designers. Not only helps create the tranquilly livable space, It is also an ideal material for Thailand’s weather. Summer, rainy, or winter, UPVC Window will be unchangeably offered and maintain happiness for your home.  

Upvc frame window functioning as to fully serve the needs of people these days, for example; well maintain the unwanted noise out. Especially, Deceuninck UPVC Window frame has been specially designed the division in inner compartments which boosts extra coverage of the unwanted noise and heat. 

PM 2.5 season worry-free, with the help of UPVC Window to protect the tiny particle with the completely sealed, seamless frame together with high quality TPE as in car’s windshield. More with bristle and gasket seal between frame and window promote the protection of dust, insects, and unwanted odors. 

Tips: Material to make your home soundless. 


+ Bagasse Plywood : The popular material to use for sound absorption because of its  cost, safe to use, release non toxic while burning, conveniently install as easy as put the Bagasse Plywood between walls and it works as sound insulation and absorption to keep the unwanted sound away.

+ Acoustic Curtain : Suitable for decreasing the noisy noise from machines in industry. It can be used to lower the noise to 5-10 decibels (depends on the noise sources). It is made from thick flannel, high density synthetic fabric, thick polyester sheet, thermoplastic sheet, or flame retardant curtain, and so on. It is the minimal investment material for opt out noise, also quick in setting and satisfactory, decreasing the unwanted noise but still not available to cover all of the noises.

+ Acoustic Glass : It needs to be tested and passed on Sound Transmission Class (STC). it is suitable to install with doors or windows. Those glass that help on Sound insulation are Laminated glass and Insulated glass.

The first step to achieve peace of mind starts at Deceuninck UPVC window

Deceuninck UPVC window can prevent the unwanted noise upto 43 decibels depending on the glass type. There is a testing experiment in soundproof as in Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) in each window’s frame following European standards.

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