What is UPVC and why is it a popular and cost-effective material in this modern day?

In an office with limited space, if you want to make building occupants comfortable, the most popular option in the industry is folding door. This type of door is available in a variety of designs with modern look and can be applied to many building styles such as modern or industrial loft styles. It is fully equipped with functions to meet a wide range of applications. For example, UPVC folding door can be instantly transformed into a partition for dividing the meeting room. With the properties of soundproof door, we obtain a peaceful living space, free from outside noise. The interesting facts and design tips for folding door are as follows:

Connect the areas with flexible functions

The most distinctive feature of folding door is that it can be opened to its full width from inside and outside to connect the two areas without any obstruction. It is an ideal partition for a room with limited space. UPVC folding door with glass panels can be used to connect the interior space to the outside garden area to allow more natural light into the building, increase the airy atmosphere and reduce electricity consumption.

Another advantage of folding door is that they are easy to operate and is a best choice for space saving. This type of door should be installed with two rails above the door panels and on the floor to prevent doors from swinging while opening and closing and to prolong its service life.

In which direction should the folding door be installed to maximize natural wind and light exposure?

For Pros of UPVC folding door, it can be opened to its full width allowing you to expose to natural sunlight and outside atmosphere and also offers excellent ventilation. Large UPVC folding door or window should be installed in the North and South as they expose to natural light all day long without bringing heat inside the building. Openings should be made on both opposite sides of the wall to create wind inlet and outlet. Sheer curtains or blackout curtains are also recommended to reduce the intensity of light inside the building

Make the building more attractive with simple and modern lines

The lines created by UPVC door frame and panel give different aesthetics and mood & tone.

  • To make the room looks wider, UPVC folding windows and doors with horizonal lines should be used.
  • To make the room looks taller and airy, UPVC folding windows and doors with vertical lines should be used (suitable for rooms with high ceilings).
  • To make the room look cozy and natural, UPVC folding windows and doors with clear square glass panels and rounded-edge frames should be used. White window and door frames help soften the atmosphere of a room.
  • To provide simple and modern look, UPVC windows and doors with equal frames should be used.

Frame color should match the building style as it gives building a beautiful and perfect look

  • Modern style: The color of door frames should match the color of the building to make the architectural lines standout and appeal.
  • Industrial style: The window and door frames should be black or grey to match other components. White frames should be avoided as it may be too contrasting with other material colors, creating inconsistent lines.
  • Modern tropical style: A variety of frame colors can be used such as white and wood grain to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Pros of UPVC folding door

UPVC window and door frames are free of termites, ants, weevils, rust, leakage problems compared to other materials such as laminate which there will be more chances of encountering the problems mentioned above. In terms of durability, waterproofing, sun resistance and rain resistance, UPVC door offers better performance in all aspects. In addition, UPVC is a non-flammable and recyclable material, thus meeting the current trend of eco-friendly design.

If you are looking for premium UPVC folding door with beautiful and modern design to be installed in your commercial projects, offices or large buildings, we recommend EVEREST MAX, the model with excellent design that matches different building styles. The door is designed with 4-panel profiles to increase heat and sound insulation performance. The width of this door model is 60 mm with TPE rubber seals on both sides of frames/sashes. TPE rubber seals contribute to better performance of corner assembly and heat insulation, reduce energy consumption in the building and provide excellent protection against noise or odors.

Deceuninck offers UPVC products made of premium materials and is one of the world’s top 3 industrial leader of UPVC window and door manufacturers. At Deceuninck, we have a team of experts ready to provide advice to meet all your design needs. For more information of our products, please visit our website.

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