What are uPVC windows and doors?

Eco-friendly material that modern home builders should use when building a house.

When it comes to “uPVC”, people involved in building of a house have probably heard quite a bit of reputation for this innovative material. Because it has become a component of various construction materials used in building houses, such as window panels, sliding and casement doors, as well as uPVC windows and doors. Today we have the answer to why homebuilders need to switch to uPVC door and window system, a new and eco-friendly alternative.

Everything you need to know about uPVC windows and doors

It is hard to deny that windows and doors are very important when building a house because they are associated with the aesthetics of the house. One of the materials that are becoming more popular today is uPVC windows and doors. uPVC is an innovative home decoration material with excellent properties by adding additives to provide better durability and strength. Nowadays, uPVC is recognized as a top-quality and eco- friendly material. This is because it is one of a few materials that does not require fuel in its production, so it is energy efficient. uPVC windows and doors are eco-friendly and recyclable.

What are the differences between uPVC and PVC windows and doors?

The differences are that PVC windows and doors are made from PVC and other substances using extrusion molding. Typically, the structure of PVC windows and doors is thin, less robust, fragile and therefore they have relatively short lifespan, unlike uPVC window that is stronger and more durable with longer service life. This is because they are not made from the same material, but vinyl is mixed prior to extrusion molding.

Key features of uPVC windows and doors

1. No leakage - As uPVC windows and doors are designed to have rainproof sheets and to prevent the seepage of rainwater.

2. UV protection – uPVC windows and doors are made from a non-thermal conductive material. Therefore, uPVC windows and doors can eliminate UV-related problems and can effectively protect you from the sunlight.

3. Easy to maintain - uPVC windows and doors are made from vinyl that do not show discoloration or develop yellow stains. In addition, they are easy to maintain. Stains can be easily removed by wiping them with a clean cloth dampened in soapy water.

4. Strong structure - As mentioned above, uPVC windows and doors are quite strong and durable. Due to the use of reinforcement systems such as steel reinforcement, the uPVC window and door frame structure is durable and suitable for typical applications.

5. Noise reduction - Another outstanding feature of uPVC windows and doors is that they do not conduct sound. Therefore, uPVC windows and doors can help block out noise from the outside.

Types of uPVC windows and doors

With the good architectural tastes of our company, Deceuninck has designed products that meet every project requirements and taste, from the old style to the modern style. Combining aesthetics with functionality is the key to our design to bring the beauty to your house. There are 2 types of installation of uPVC windows and doors: 1) wall mounting and 2) frame mounting. You can choose the color for your door and window panels whether white or other laminate colors such as Anthracite Gray, Golden Oak, Nut Tree, ASH Black, Grey Aluminum and Silver.

Curved uPVC door and window systems – You can design Curved uPVC door and windows as you like, but it depends on the location of the installation.

Why should you switch to uPVC windows and doors from Deceuninck?

4 reasons why everyone involved in building of a house should switch to uPVC windows and doors from Deceuninck.

1. Effectiveness - We take into account the excellent energy efficiency and premium sound insulation performance. With extra thickness of the products, they provide more space and special feel with TPE gaskets.

2. Well-selected - We choose uPVC door and window products that are ideal for your budget and individual needs

3. Eco-friendly - We are committed to keeping the world clean for future generations by creating eco-friendly products.

4. Aesthetics - We add a touch of elegance to your home with our choice of uPVC laminate windows and doors inspired by nature.

Deceuninck attaches great attention to all aspects of homebuilding. We would like to invite you to choose good things as a component of your house because a good investment that reward you with a good environment. Let us help you. We offer premium quality for your premium choice. You can also talk directly to our team of UPVC expert.

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