UPVC soundproof door provides excellent soundproofing at any decibels

UPVC soundproof door provides excellent soundproofing at any decibels

What if your house is on a main road with heavy traffic throughout the day?

What if your house is near a school?

What if your house is near a construction site?

What if your house is near a community?

What if your house is near an airport?

If the project is located in an area with disturbing surroundings, most designers often consider the direction of the house plan to avoid disturbance as much as possible. For example, if your house is near a community or a main road with heavy traffic throughout the day, the bedroom, which should be the most peaceful room, should be as far away from the disturbance as possible. For common area, if it in a spot that is exposed to noises, soundproof doors and windows can be used as part of the house to bring peace to the residents. Obviously, noise management plan is a necessity from the start of house construction process.

Sound pressure level should not exceed 60-70 dB(A). Any sound above this limit is considered dangerous. Exposure over long periods of time to noise level exceeding 60-70 dB(A) is more likely to damage your hearing, temporary or permanent. These noises may not be caused by the homeowner.

5 things a designer or architect should consider when choosing soundproof window and door

1.The frame must have good soundproofing performance with tight corner assembly and without leakage for good protection against outside noise.

2.Double glazing glass panel offers better soundproofing performance compared to normal glass panel. In addition, it has good thermal insulation performance which can reduce energy consumption.

3.Double soundproof walls or lightweight concretes with good soundproofing performance should be used in combination with soundproof windows and doors to increase tranquility and privacy for the occupants.

4.Thick curtains should be installed to help block both noise and UV.

5.If there is enough space, plants should be placed around the house as outdoor sound barriers.

You may think that the terms “soundproofing” and “sound absorption” are the same, but they’re actually different. In general, it may be understood that these two terms are not different. Actually, soundproofing is to block outside noise from getting inside the building, while sound absorption is to prevent inside noise from escaping to the outside.

In addition to soundproofing, which is a common concern among designers, it must be noted that sound absorption is also an important consideration. Installing additional sound-absorbing ceilings or walls can reduce the noise from the room and create more privacy for you.

Deceuninck is one of the UPVC product brands with high standards and quality and is one of the world’s top 2 industrial leader of UPVC window and door manufacturers.

Deceuninck soundproof doors are designed and developed with the following properties:

1.After assembly, the material is seamless with no gaps preventing outside noise from getting in the building.

2.The frame has multiple air pockets as sound-absorbing materials used in the room where soundproofing is needed.

3.There are rubber seals at 2 points on the seams between the door frame and panel to provide no gaps between them when the door is closed.

4.Effective and strong lock for door panel.

5.PE or PU foam profiles are attached on the seams between the Deceuninck soundproof door frame and wall which contribute to excellent soundproofing performance and water leakage prevention.

All Deceuninck soundproof doors are of high quality and are certified with European soundproofing standard.

Each model of Deceuninck soundproof doors is tested and measured according to European standards to ensure its quality. At Deceuninck, we have a team of have technicians and experts ready to provide advice in installation and modification of existing doors.

High quality UPVC soundproof window and door frames can handle and provide excellent soundproofing at any decibels. It also creates peaceful private space for relaxation. After you go through stress and tiresome outside your house throughout the day, don’t forget to focus on your personal happiness by using UPVC windows and doors to make your house your happy place at any time.

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