Design your Private Peaceful Life with The Soundproof Door

From an interview by Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck UK's Managing Director, mentioning the problem of noise pollution is one of the concerns to human living quality. With a lot of clinical research proving that noise pollution can affect and caused such dementia, hearing loss, heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease in humans.

We may not be capable to lower our environment noises suddenly, but choosing to have quality living is your choice.

soundproof doors

Soundproof door is one of the innovations that designed to answer the needs of private and peacefully quiet living life. The doors are made from different type of material to take care of each differences in noise pollution as following:

1.Wood Door

Wood has an good sound absorption property in general, because of its porous material texture leaves wood with a lot of free space to protect the unwanted noise. But the soundproofing quality also depends on the type of wood. Cork is the best sound absorbing material. But if compared to other materials such as steel, wood is not as effective at preventing the noise pollution and has the disadvantage of deflecting, twisting, shrinking due to weather conditions, swelling when exposed to moisture, long usage may cause wood to decay, and termite, insect bites are one of the problems.

2.Fiberglass door

Fiberglass door are made from polyester resin, which can be planed and stained to be as similar as the real wood. Its figure is also to act as the soundproof door that is able to handle crash, shrink with sun-resistant, 100% waterproof, and can support all kinds of paint. It is suitable to use as a bathroom door both outdoor and indoor.

3. Iron door

The high natural density in the structure of steel and/or metal has makes it an outstanding source of sound insulation. Iron door comes with a lot of weight, higher in price, which may suitable for exterior usage, or in an area that required more safety and resisting from tampering.  Using it for outdoor would prefer rustic coating as because of rust usually risen in a humid place. If it is for an interior area, design and function may not be various for an installation in homes or residential buildings. But it is a proper usage as a soundproof door in large industrial buildings, factory rooms, recording rooms, museums, laboratories, power stations, hospitals, and moreover, steel door is also fireproof.

4. Aluminum door

A high-quality brand, premium grade Aluminum door can be used as a soundproof door, but the cost will be several times higher than the general aluminum door. It can be used to prevent outside noise pollution to about 25 DB. It is suitable for residential installation, houses, condos. They are varied in designs and widely used. Anodizing aluminum are more likely to be used presently because of its strongest and rust-free. A sub technician can cut and assembly by themselves. But Aluminum door often have problems on leakage along the joints, dent from bumping, easy to get scratch, and thermal protection properties are not as good as compared to UPVC doors.


5.UPVC doors

UPVC door frame line is compartmentalized internally, and door frames has a special high quality rubber sealing system. In the market, there are both Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM) and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). TPE has its specialty in fully welded at corners of shutter. Some installers may additionally reinforce with PE foam or PU polyurethane foam at the frame junction with the wall, which can effectively prevent noise up to 30-34 DB and having the door act as a soundproof door. UPVC doors can be used with a variety of soundproof glass, ranging from 5-44 mm. And it is varied in usability, type, size, color and design to support most types of building construction.

soundproof window

"Casement window" The Best of Soundproof Window

Besides the soundproof door, windows are another important factor in preventing noise pollution. Casement windows have been known and trust to be the ideal soundproof window. Due to its usability as when closing, it is shut to the sash perfectly that leaving no gaps to allow noise in. If it is a sliding window, there is a greater chance of noise coming in.

To increase the efficiency of noise absorbing, the casement window is working well if installed with laminated or insulated glass for its appropriate size. Other advantages of the casement window are its suitability in wind and natural light exposure that are wider than a sliding window. But it is proper to install above the 2nd floor because it may block the walkway when opened.

 The Deceuninck soundproof window, Flush edition, is installed on a former cottage-style building at Woodstock resident, England. Preserving its original aesthetic of the overall architecture harmoniously. But increase the efficiency of noise protection by installing soundproof window. This model is used with laminated glass with a thickness of 8.8 mm., which helps reducing traffic noise in front of the building. it is also adding a safety function to the building and save a lot of power utility. 


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