“Soundproof Door”, an aid for increasing your volume of endless happiness

Soundproof Door an aid for increasing your volume of endless happiness

Noise pollution has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of building occupants. Exposure to loud noise above a certain threshold results in increased adrenaline secretion, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, stress, irritability, annoyance. In addition, various kinds of noise decrease human work efficiency.

Noise transmission in buildings

For indoor noise, sound waves travel through the air and hit the surrounding walls. Some of the energy is reflected and the rest is transmitted through the wall by vibration. Hard, high-density material reflects more sound than soft, low-density material. Therefore, choosing a wall made of soft and porous material will provide good sound absorption. For better protection and reduction of sound energy, it is recommended to line the walls and ceilings with acoustic boards or roughen the walls, or line with corrugated compression carpets for better echo reduction.

In addition to the walls, the key weaknesses that noise can easily pass through are door edges, window edges, air pipes, water pipes, balconies, ceiling surfaces, etc. This type of transmission is called “Flanking transmission”. These are the key points that designers should consider when choosing a material for perfect soundproofing, both soundproofing against exterior sound and interior sound.

No matter how good your soundproofing walls are, if soundproofing doors and windows are not used, noise pollution cannot be easily eliminated. Let’s see how to choose the right soundproofing doors for your building.

#Happiness you can create, just by choosing “UPVC soundproofing windows and doors”

A building that offers both physical and mental comfort without noise pollution is the ultimate satisfaction of the project owners and residents. Using UPVC as soundproofing material is another worthwhile option in the long run. Each Deceuninck soundproofing door and window is tested for weighted sound reduction index (Rw) according to European Standard. Information of each design of our soundproofing doors is provided for review and inspection. Back up rod or PE foam profile and PU are also attached at the space between the frames and walls, so there are no gaps along the seams, thus providing good soundproofing as well as waterproofing. The window types with the best soundproofing performance are casement windows and awning windows. Because these types of windows can be designed to have no gaps between window panels and frames.

In addition to good soundproofing performance, Deceuninck’s UPVC soundproofing doors and windows also come with excellent features and are cost-effective. Therefore, it is hard to find other materials comparable to premium UPVC from Deceuninck. Deceuninck is an international brand certified with European standards and is one of the world’s top 3 manufacturers of UPVC windows and doors. The strengths of our products are resistance to to all weather conditions, free from termite and insect problems, free from corrosion from moisture. Our door and window frame products do not shrink or expand due to weather conditions. These properties keep the frames close properly and tightly, without deformation or discoloration. In addition, they are easy to maintain. As dust or dirt cannot accumulate on UPVC, stains can be easily removed by wiping them with a sponge dampened in soapy water, followed by wiping with clean water.

What type of glass is effective in reducing noise intensity?

In choosing soundproofing glass, the one with a high STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating should be used. The higher STC is, the better the soundproofing performance. The most commonly used glass is laminated glass. Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that consists of 2 or more glass panels sandwiched with a middle layer of PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) safety film. These layers are attached together so the glass panels are attached to PVB film without falling off the frame. If the glass is broken, pieces of broken glass will not come off this film, keeping you safe.  The middle film can also filter out 95% of light and UV rays. It helps block outside noise and provides better soundproofing performance compared to conventional glass. This type of glass is resistant to wind pressure at high attitudes with impact resistance and also helps prevent intrusion and theft.

Deceuninck UPVC soundproofing doors can be used with various levels of glass thickness. Our brand offers ready-to-order products from the factory, so it takes less time in installation with clean work area and takes up little space. Therefore, it is suitable for the house where people need to live in the house while renovations or additions are ongoing. We provide installation services with a team of skilled builders who will take care of the work from start to finish, including product warranty and a reliable after-sales service department. For more information of our products, please visit our website.

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