Living with happiness and style with Sliding Window

Since happiness is around us, knowing how to build a delightful atmosphere to create meaningful memories is not to be missed. Today we have some tips that will help you adjust your space and charm up your house into an even more lively and stylish place.

sliding window ideas

Sliding window ideas for rooms in the house

  • Living room
Sliding window is a perfect choice for installing in the living room. It is practical and able to create a relaxing atmosphere, building a common area where family members can spend joyful time together as a whole. Connect nature from outside to inside. If you prefer peaceful silences, you can choose to install the upvc window model and install Laminated glass or Insulated Glass which will enhance the ability to convert your window into noise suppression window.
  • Kitchen

 By choosing a large Sliding window, you are letting natural light into the area which will allow you to experience the colors of the ingredient in the freshest way, and also feels the open space around you with a great view through the sliding window. Moreover, the upside of the sliding window is that it saves more space on the side of the house and can clear up the air from the inside easier when cooking.

  • Bed room

Sliding windows come in useful when installed in the bedroom. With its easy to fitin with the room style, and easy to slide function, you can save up a lot of space within the room and keep it organized as well as easy to maintain. For a bedroom with a balcony, we recommend you install the sliding window along with a sliding door to open up to positive energy from nature every morning. Let us help you keep your room airy and comfortable for the ultimate relaxation. 

  • Bathroom

Bathroom should be located on the east or west side of the house to let the sun shine on it. This way the floor will dry faster resulting in a cleaner bathroom. By installing a sliding window, it allows the sunray to reach into the bathroom and clear out the air inside for a fresher atmosphere. Plus, you will feel more space inside the bathroom. Imagine taking a long relaxing bath inside the tub and feeling the chill breeze from your window. This happiness is as if you are relaxing in a five star resort surrounded by beautiful nature.


creating lightning component and greenspace

Tips on creating lighting compartment and green space

Lighting is very important when it comes to architecture. It will help promote the beauty and complement the artistic elements. There should be an appropriate amount of natural light within the house. This can be done by arranging and designing an interior lighting compartment.

Another important factor is plants. Having green space inside the house benefits the well being of the resident in many ways. According to a research, having green space inside the house helps washing the air and reducing risks from dust. Plants therapy can lighten our mood, creativity, and help us focus. 

If you are ready, let's see some ideas on designing light compartments and building green space.

  • Rooftop and balcony

 This is one of the best spots for creating green space due to the right amount of light for your plants. If you are worried that there would be too much light, install a sliding door along with wooden battens or use a cloudy corrugated roof to filter light and reduce the heat, helping the wind circulate and reduce moisture. Here are some plants that are suitable for growing on the balcony: Monstra, cactus, Mother-in-Law's Tongue, and Deli.

  • Double space

Ideas of having a court in the middle of the house Or a high hall with a double space can help add an interesting style to the home It connects the feelings of the people in the house as well. Creates a feeling of warmth. At this point, two openings should be designed, both below and above, in order to allow the wind to circulate cooling. The glass in the double space hall  should be larger and higher than usual. This could be done by using Tempered or Tempered Laminated glass for strength and safety. These are some of the examples of plants that are suitable in this area: Tall trees and trees with little fallen leaves. It can be a common perennial or a single cotyledon, such as a chanpha.

upvc house color tone

Tips for choosing a color pair for the house to maintain a beautiful tone

The stylish mood and tone of your room depends on how you choose your color tone for your furniture and material blending together. For those who are not yet familiar with how to start matching sliding window border  and sliding door border color, here are some useful tips.

  • Choose the theme of the room

For example, industrial loft themes contain dark color tones such as black, combining with a brick wall showing the exposed concrete beams and furniture that support the mood of the room that will keep it interesting.

  • Decorate the room easily with the rule of 60-30-10

This rule will help you control the color balance of any room decoration. By dividing the color range into the following ratios:

Primary color 60%: Color of the walls around the room or the largest piece of furniture in the room.

Secondary color 30%: Help complement the color pair in the room, making it more interesting. Use this color on sofa, rug, or curtain.

Highlights 10%: Can be used to make the room stand out even more, such as the colors on the cushions on the sofa, wall decorations, lamps or vases

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