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            When choosing UPVC windows for architectural designs, it’s best to choose a brand certified with standards and comes with useful functions that can solve your problems and make the design attractive at the same time. In terms of design, UPVC window frame is important to the building appearance as it reflects the identity and creates dimensions for that design. We would like to take you to learn more about Deceuninck products and find out why our products are a cost-effective option.

Strengths of Deceuninck products

  • Our UPVC window products are certified with EN 12608 standard, the European standard for window frames. This standard consists of 2 main parts: material properties test for color fastness, toughness, material brittleness and window door performance test for material deflection due to wind loads.
  • The excellent properties of UPVC are the results of TiO2 mixed in UPVC matrix with the purpose to increase the insulation performance and discoloration resistance of UPVC matrix. In addition, a special impact modifier is also used to strengthen UPVC fiber and increase UV resistance and color fastness of window panels and frames.
  • The rubber seal is made of TPE material. The distinctive feature of our TPE rubber seal is that there are no joints between the gaskets resulting in no leakage. In addition, TPE is attached to the window, so the fabricators does not have to spend time assembling. It's also available in a variety of colors and Deceuninck offers the rubber seals in black and gray.

    *Common rubber seals available on the market are usually made of EDPM, which has some disadvantages as it cannot be welded by heat treatment, so there may be leaks at the seam between the gaskets and it is only available in black.
  • Our window and door frames have the widest range of color options so you can enjoy designing. In addition to white, Deceuninck also offers other colors such as Golden Oak, Anthracite Grey, Nut tree and ASH Black to suit the different building designs, whether elegant, classic or modern styles.

What types of UPVC windows do we have?

  • Casement Window

            Casement window is a type of window that allows you to expose to the nature outside the building as much as possible. It is available in both single panel and double panels, whether inward- or outward-opening. Casement window is ideal for installation in the main zone separating the atmosphere outside and inside the building or used as a general window for a room. In addition, you can also install sliding or folding mosquito wire screen on casement window. UPVC casement window offers better soundproofing compared to other types of windows. Deceuninck window products feature with double rubber gasket seal to have no gaps between window panel and frame when the window is closed. There are also optional reinforcing accessories for the applications requiring high strength, such as in a windy place.

            Our window products are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame to increase the product strength and they are available from single-point lock to muti-point lock for more security.

Pros: Bring air to the building as much as possible, especially for rooms where the wind is coming from the side direction.

Cons: For outward-opening window, more space is required for opening.

  • Sliding UPVC Window

            It is the most popular type of window as it is simple, cost-effective and suitable for the applications where the windows are required to be look flat and smooth with the building wall. It is commonly used to separate between the inside and outside of the building/between the rooms inside the building. Deceuninck sliding windows feature with gasket between the profiles on all sides and also have felt straps to prevent dust and insects. In addition, there are optional reinforcing accessories.

Pros: Easy operation, light weight, save space.

Cons: Only half of its overall width can be opened because of the overlapping space. As for soundproofing, Deceuninck UPVC can achieve a certain extent of soundproofing, while casement window offers the best soundproofing.

  • UPVC Awning window

         Awning window is a perfect choice for ventilation. It can reflect both wind and reflection from above and also act an awning. This type of window is commonly installed in hallways of buildings or used as windows for the rooms that do not require wide opening, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or skylights on the top of the wall.

         An awning window has hinges on the top and can be opened by pushing it upward. In case the window is installed on the upper part of the wall where the exterior of such wall is a corridor, it should be installed to open above the head level to prevent head injuries.

Pros: Excellent wind resistance so there is less chance of damage compared to casement window and its simple design makes the building more outstanding.

Cons: Cannot be opened to its full width.

  • UPVC Bi-Folding Window

         It connects the outside and indoor areas and allow you to expose to air and natural light without wasting the space. The bi-folding window consists of several window panels connected by hinges. It can be operated by built-in sliding and folding. This type of window is easy to operate and is a best choice for the balcony or viewing spots. With thin frames combined with large clear glass, bi-folding window makes the room look bigger.

Pros: It can be opened to its full width allowing you to expose to the wind and outside atmosphere and also offers a modern look to the design.

Cons: It uses a larger amount of hardware compared to other types of windows, making it more expensive.

  • UPVC Fixed Window or Skylight Window

            Fixed window or skylight window is used to separate the proportion of rooms inside the building. It is often installed in areas that get insufficient light, limited spaces such as under the eaves or the areas that do not need to be exposed to outside air. This is because the fixed window cannot be opened and closed. The purpose of this type of window is meant to enjoy the views and let in the outside light. It also complements the design, making the building looks wider and can be used in combination with casement or sliding windows.

Pros: It offers excellent soundproofing when used in combination with soundproof glass.

Cons: It cannot be opened.

Reliable in every step of installation

         At Deceuninck, we have a team of experts ready to provide advice to the technicians on proper installation of UPVC window and door frames, including providing design information in terms of strength and structure and UPVC products. Deceuninck also has warehouses in Thailand for both UPVC profiles and other equipment and fittings. This allows the designers to order and install the window and door frames in a shorter time. We are ready to give advice on choosing the right product for your budget. If there is any damage caused by the installation process, we provide a replacement guarantee to immediately replace the new one. You can also be more confident with a 10-year after-sales warranty for uPVC door frame material which guarantees that it will not turn yellow or deteriorate from UV rays. For more information of our products, please visit our website.

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