#BeYourEverything Soundproof window, save your happiness for WFH life.

With the tension of COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us might be stuck inside the house for a while. However, we will get through this together.

At this point, gathering happiness and generating a relaxing atmosphere inside your house has never been more important. For those whose houses are located on the side of the street, noises from vehicles such as motorcycles or cars can be quite disturbing. Hearing 70 - 86 dB noise for a period of time can affect your health. Therefore, it is time to use an assistant item, that item is Soundproof window.

Soundproof window is a must-have item with affordable investment for a better lifestyle of this New Normal era. Soundproof windows come in different styles that depend on your practicality. For example, if you have limited space, Sliding window is a sensible option for your needs of functions and style.

upvc glass type soundproof

Types of glass that are recommended for using with Soundproof window

1.Float Glass / Annealed Glass

2. Tempered Glass / Toughened Glass

3.Insulated glass

4.Laminated Glass / Acoustic Grade Glass

The scale of maturing the transmission of the glass is STC (Sound Transmission Class). The higher the STC, the more soundproof the glass is.

Float Glass / Annealed Glass

This type of glass is most used inside the house. It is affordable and let plenty of natural light come inside the house, can prevent some heat. This type of glass contains about 20s - 30s STC levels, which is not practical for soundproofing property. Generally, thicker glass has higher STC value, mean it is able to prevent  noise compared to thinner glass.

Tempered Glass / Toughened Glass

Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass are the float glass that go through another process, called tempering process, can be by heat or chemical. That makes glass become stronger and more enduring to windload or impact force. It is commonly used in car windows and hi-rise building windows. In terms of sound-proofing, it is not so different from Float Glass or Annealed Glass which have STC levels of around 20s - 30s.

Insulated glass

Insulated glass or double glazed glass are made by sticking two pieces of glass together with an air space in between. This glass type can improve sound insulation than single glass. To enhance its STC further, using different thickness of each glass or having wider width of air space can be optional. 

Laminated Glass / Acoustic Grade Glass

Laminated Glass is made from at least two sheet of glass, stick together by film; that help dampen the sound so improve sound insulation property. The upside of Laminated glass when compared to Insulated glass is that it can reduce the thickness of the window, and can be used as safety glass. If it breaks, it will still stick together and not break away that could create sharp edges. This makes it very popular among consumers. The most commonly used type of film is PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) because it is very safe, flexible, transparent, and affordable. The level of sound absorption depends on the thickness of the glass and its film. We highly recommend this kind of glass for its effectiveness for sound absorption. Installing Laminated glass with a Sliding window or Casement window will increase sound insulation property.

FAQ upvc soundproof windows

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which window is the best soundproofing?

A: The answer  is Casement Window  with Double glazed laminated glass.

By comparing the casement window and  sliding window, the research demonstrates that a casement window has a higher  STC level which is better than Sliding window with around 6-7 dB.

Q: Do Triple Glazed Windows  absorb noises more than Double glazed or not?

A: The answer is Yes.  Triple glazed windows  absorb 2-3 more dB, but a human's hearing ability might not feel that much effect,  which needs a circumspect consideration. Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed laminated glass at double price.

how upvc is soundproof

How is Soundproof window made from UPVC better than other materials?

  1. Saving electricity costs 

The right solution for people who work from home when they have to turn on the air condition most of the day. As good standard UPVC window system like Deceuninck’s has been designed to prevent air or heat leakage, also UPVC material transmit very low heat from temperature outside, much less outside heat will leak into the house that make your air condition to consume less energy.     

  1. Stylish, Function, and flexible 

We can create the house space into the working office and meeting room. It has a quiet atmosphere like a professional working space by installing a soundproof door partition. If you don’t want the noise to echo in the room You may consider installing sound absorbing material on the wall that will effectively help reduce the noise. 

  1. No interrupting noise in any climate

Selecting the windows that you don’t have to worry about the noise, and very low maintenance, can endure all weather conditions, and last long. Life working from home may look like a long time, covering every season or this is called New Normal of working nowadays. Therefore, choosing a soundproof window that is made of high standard UPVC material can be more cost-effective. UPVC from Deceuninck was developed to be suitable for tropical climate with high UV, so it can last for long time. The system was designed with high quality seal system to prevent air/heat leakage, including water, and noise. That helps make your home a comfortable place, no matter what condition outside. 

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