No.1 This summer, “Rest Comfortably and Worry-free with Soundproof window”

Here comes April, the season of the year that the heat reaches its peak. It is also the most important time of Thai people to celebrates Songkran festival. But with Covid-19 situation, travelling may not be the choice of many, but staying in at home. We have some design tips to turn your home into joyful oasis this summer.

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Drop the Boiling Heat Temperature With the Vent

  • Heated air naturally travelling into home upwardly. And in the summer, winds usually come from the south and the southwest. We can lower the house temperature by broaching ventilators following the wind direction.
  • Installment of good quality UPVC windows that has heat and UV resistant properties at ground floor and roof will helps support with the heat ventilator. The cool air will flow into windows at ground floor area.
  • The house should be designed to have an open and airy space, with the interior partition that installed with doors and windows that have the function to open up for the wind flow. Choose a high roof with slope is a better choice to shield sun and rain. Also, the rectangular shaped building is the best shape that helps avoiding the sun light.
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Leave Out the Neighbor's Party Noise with Soundproof Window and Soundproof Door

It cannot be denied that the fun of a party with a great loud noise are tied together. Your essential support to keep your home in peace during this festive party season is to install doors and windows that have similar feature to Soundproof window together with Soundproof door to keep the unwanted noise out from neighbors, or to keep the noise to just your own area.

Choosing a worthwhile window that act as a soundproof window will help reduce unwanted noise. It should be choosing for UPVC frame which is an environmentally friendly material, and plastic-free. Also, it has soundproofing and heat protection properties to help keeping the house cool, in the meantime is saving electricity fees during this summer. Moreover, it is also featuring with a tight seal to help prevent water or heat leakage.

To further improve sound insulation, it is recommended to install doors and windows with 2 layers of glass (laminated or double-glazing insulated) 

There are several grades of Soundproof window and Soundproof door products in the market with different quality. Let's have look at the comparison between UPVC production process with certified European standard (EN) VS non standardized.

Comparison between UPVC production process with certified European standard (EN) VS non standardized.


UPVC certified European standard (EN)

Non standardized UPVC


It has a long service life and a 10-year warranty.

Requires self-repair which may causes cost escalation.


Manufactured from high quality UPVC and complied to thickness class, and has been world-renowned for over 80 years. And It has reinforced with internal steel.

Made from thin UPVC, which gave a weak touch feeling.


The sealing line is completely connected and secured, which leave no gaps in-between so leakage problem will be none. Also, it is designed with drain hole at the proper position.

The connecting corners quality is not as good as standard factory products.


Tested on the Weight sound reduction index (Rw) with certificate. Soundproof level can be checked. Profiles have internal compartments. Door frame has TPE rubber seal. Some brands have added PE Foam or PU polyurethane foam at the junction of the jamb which helps to prevent noise. It can be used as a Soundproof window or Soundproof door at its full efficiency

Non-standard seal material cannot act as sound insulation or be a heat barrier for the building. And it may deteriorate in few years.


There are range of locking systems to choose from Single point lock (1-point lock) or you can be more assured with Multipoint lock system (multi-point lock). It is difficult to tamper and break in. UPVC window can also be used with safety glass.

There are fewer locking system options. Specification that comes with frame may not be secured enough. There may be the need of additional locking installment which will raise the cost up.

Durable color, Rust-free

Internal steel reinforcement is plated with Galvanized steel (anti-rust coating), which is an answer for long-term use. The color of UPVC is also durable when used for long periods as it was infused with UV-protection so does not turn yellow over time.

Poor quality products may result in frame and color faded yellow in short time. 

Conclusion: UPVC products that are out of standard has an advantage of cheaper than other brands. But in the production process, the product is produced with low quality parts to reduce costs. The low-quality parts will affect the usage of the finished goods and frame fitting. Therefore, choosing a UPVC brand should be considered carefully. Either in price and the reliability of the brand, techniques and well care to product assembly, installation by expert technicians, type of door and window, a wide range of colors and designs to suit variety of building types, those are one of the reasons to considered. It is also to meet the needs and the requirement of users. Even its property to act as a Soundproof window and Soundproof door, are also another point to consider.

If you are looking for a premium grade UPVC certified EN 12608, Europe’s quality standard, Our Deceuninck products are one of the choices you can rest assured of. With an operation in 91 countries, 35 affiliates and 3,500 employees worldwide, our products and services can meet your design needs and is a long-term worthwhile.  

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