World PVC expert for more than half century

With our long history for more than half century, it is proven that Deceuninck Profile Systems are well recognized and widely accepted in every part of the world, ranging from extreme cold climate like Moscow to a very hot climate like in Middle East. Deceuninck windows and doors will not become yellow or crack.  The long lasting quality is a result from our stringent extrusion in every production process from the factory in Germany, and passing rigorous tests from various laboratories worldwide.

Stringent Production Process and Quality Control

The production process of Deceuninck Profile extrusion is all controlled by computer system to ensure perfect precision throughout all stages of manufacturing, starting from raw material selection, compounding, until packaging of the finished profiles.  Stringent quality control is conducted to ensure our customers receive the long lasting high quality products from Deceuninck.

Deceuninck Global Quality Marks

Deceuninck products undergo a number of tests to monitor material strength, precision, production tolerance and finish quality. Renowned national and international testing institutes confirm the optimum durability, safety, energy efficiency and design of Deceuninck products – a standard that is represented by Deceuninck's quality marks.

Full Range of Service and Technical Support

Deceuninck is one of the leader globally and active in South East Asia, having Bangkok as a regional hub. As Asia regional hub, Deceuninck established to serve the market, providing full range of services and comprehensive technical supports to our customers across Asia. Through years of experience with intense R&D and close collaboration with our fabricators, Deceuninck Thailand are able to provide sustainable innovative solutions to end customers and architects across Asia with various projects in this region.