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Excellent thermal insulation and Energy Saving

  • Complete thermal insulation due to uPVC material
  • Multi-chamber of uPVC profiles to prevent energy loss
  • Framework material group 1 in compliance with DIN 4108

Prevent water leakage

  • Two layers of high quality EPDM gasket provides 2 layers of water protection
  • Extra protection against water infiltration through drainage design

Extremely versatile

  • Glazing range from 8 to 30 mm
  • With the perfect structure, Deceuninck offers possible designs to your home and buildings

Extremely versatile

  • High quality of steel (zinc coated in accordance to European standard)
  • Steel reinforcement up to 120 mm depth depending on static requirement
  • Hollow chamber for connector fixing

Neat appearance

  • The sight line of the profiles is designed to be at 60 mm. to avoid bulky look of the system
  • All connector accessories, screws and steels are internally hidden
  • The external aluminum glass holding profiles are available in a standard width and in different depths

High wind load performance

  • With triple strength of steel property comparing with aluminum, it allows various designs to fulfill different wind load requirement for each type of construction

Sound insulation

  • Multi-chamber allows noise reduction
  • Up to sound proof class 3

Unique Curtainwall Application

  • Residential development such as skylights and condominiums
  • Commercial / Industrial development such as office building, shopping complex, resort & hotel, and hospital