Many of our customers are keen to create their unique space. By giving our customers numerous design options, we can help them make to create a home or office that truly reflects their personal architectural style, ranging from normal windows & doors to skylight & curtainwall system with premium colorsINOUTIC’s profiles are designed and manufactured in Europe, ensuring they are of the highest quality and as with any quality product, they are beautifully designed with many unique and attractive design features.

Curtainwall, Conservatories, and Skylights

Deceuninck Curtain Walling System makes it possible to be applicable for commercial and residential building which creates a unique product from Deceuninck comparing to standard PVC system in the market. Homeowners can also use this system to design skylight for their living quarters to provide extra living space which significantly increases the value of your home while enjoying its excellent thermal insulation and water tightness that a normal window and door PVC profiles cannot achieve!

Premium Colors

Adding color varieties to your home and providing alternatives to wood grain finishing, Deceuninck has different ranges of premium color choices other than the standard white PVC color choice for architects and homeowners to choose from. The color choice permits architectural design to match both modern and traditional buildings. The new innovative Deceuninck for premium color uPVC windows and doors is designed to withstand the hot climate such as those found in Southeast Asia!

Lift and Sliding Door

A perfect solution that most of the sliding doors in the market cannot achieve! Deceuninck Lift and Sliding Door is capable of achieving a span of 3 meters wide per sash and carries a maximum weight of 300 kg per sash. This allows the installation of a large opening sliding panel with maximum opening view with ease of operation. On top of this, the Deceuninck Lift and Sliding System also provides perfect sound insulations, maximum water tightness, air/dust insulation, strong resistance to wind load. Homeowners now can enjoy their panoramic view with perfect atmosphere without any worry for security and insulation issues with Deceuninck Lift and Sliding Door.

Extensive Range

Deceuninck provide a broad range of window and door systems world-wide with many options available. The deign ranging from outward / inward opening window and door, tilt and turn window, awning window, bay window , arch window, folding doors, and Patio doors. All our windows and doors can be beautifully decorated with Deceuninck Georgian bars to give your house a refined artistic touch. We offer you freedom of design for all element of your house, open up a multitude of architectural design possibilities with varieties of function and colors, which lead to a perfect match for both modern and traditional building.